It is really nice to be home after my month long trip as a guest lecturer for the US Department of State in India. I very much enjoyed the trip and my head is still swimming with all the interesting people I met and places I visited.

There were the advocates in Kolkata (Calcutta) working on rights for same sex couples (they recently won a important court case making sexual intimacy between same sex couples legal), the human rights groups in Gowahati working in the tea gardens to address female trafficking and tribal ostracism, the students in Tirunelvelli organizing democratic forums, the smart policy people in Dehli trying to shape the democratic debate, and dedicated officals like TS Krishnamurthy who have a deep understanding of the system and know where the changes are needed.

And while India, like any democracy has its problems, it is growing rapidly and has much to be proud of.  I am looking forward to returning early next year to continue my work with the groups I met with.  One thing I was very impressed by was the natural beauty in India.  I didn't have much time for sight seeing as the schedule was pretty hectic with six cities on my agenda but next time I want to get some hiking in.  Below are some pictures I managed to snap when I wasn't in a car, airplane, hotel, or conference room;)

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