Just back from an awesome week of family fun in the Yucatan peninsula.  I love visiting Mexico but seldom get the opportunity to do it as a tourist.  And while I might of thought the tourists were overly indulgent when I volunteered for a year in the late 80s it's good to be lazy, loud and luxuriate once in a while.  Next vacation time needs to be two weeks for sure!  The occasion for the trip was the matrimony of my eldest brother in law Keith, who is a very lucky guy to have found his wife Tabitha (I'm just sayin').   I wish them both all the best!

This week I am gearing up to head to my old home town of Chicago to spend some time with the Chicago Justice Project.  Being an old Chicago crime dog myself (I set up more block watches then I can remember!) I am very interested in their work and glad an old friend pulled me in to help with some strategic planning.  Tracy Siska is the Executive Director and he has a really interesting blog on Chicago crime and access to information.  Here is a provocative recent post that I think is interesting.