Sure, my good friend and esteemed colleague Monica Tapia, author, investigator, trainer, and civil society specialist is well known in Mexico (and increasingly outside the country) for her excellent work in building the capacity of civil society organizations to address important public policy issues.  But that doesn't stop her from getting involved in her local neighborhood issues.  Faced with city plans to expand a major street in her community into an even more major highway, she and her neighbors decided take it upon themselves to participate in a cool tactic and have their own "wikibanqueta."  In english it translates into something like, let's get together and make our own curb plan.  In the video below they take over the streets and use art and humor to make it more as they would have it and remind everyone that people live in that community, trees and beauty are important to quality of life and that pedestrians have rights.  I love the couch scene and the part where they are explaining their actions to local police.

This tactic is part of a larger movement to maintain or fight for a more people friendly landscape in Mexico City the "Colectivo Camina:  Haz Ciudad" movement, if you want to learn more about it visit here.